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Open Educational Resource (OER) Repository Plugin For WordPress

WP OER is a free plugin which allows you to create your own open educational resource repository on any WordPress website. Why pay for a proprietary system with limited options? WP OER is customizable, easy to use, and free. Try the WP OER demo here or download WP OER plugin for free today!

Installing WP OER


With step-by-step instructions, your website can have OER in minutes.

Publishing WP OER


Add resources from anywhere online to your educational WordPress website.

Importing WP OER


Resources can be added by CSV or Excel speadsheet for large resource importing.

Administration of WP OER


The WP OER Plugin is customizable with the ability to add roles and capabilities.

OER + WordPress = Brilliance

WordPress is flexible and open source. So is the WP OER plugin.

Add Free Resources To Your WordPress Website Today!

WP OER WordPress Plugin

Customizable CSS allows you to control the look of your open educational resource repository.

WP OER WordPress Plugin

Limitless resources are available online to include in your WordPress repository. Click here to see this plugin in action!

WP OER WordPress Plugin

Create your own categories and tags to align resources to your professional development or classroom needs!

WP OER WordPress Plugin

Assign resources to different requirements including Common Core Standards or state and local specifications.